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Peters Twins Gets Instruction From Kristen Bjorn

Kristen Bjorn with Peters Twins Bel Ami

Kristen Bjorn with Peters Twins Bel Ami

There's something about that Bel Ami discovery, the Peters Twins. They are so cute, yet so naive. I heard them speak on video once, and their Eastern European accents make them both sound like the old Dan Akroyd/Steve Martin skit about "two wild and crazy guys". But this story from Kristen Bjorn sounds so cute, they really must had led a sheltered life.

On loan from Bel Ami for a co-production with Kristen Bjorn, Elijah and Milo Peters got matched up with Christian Herzog for a three way scene. The twins were told to do a double penetration on Herzog, but according to the studio, "...Oddly enough they had never heard of that and refused to believe that it could be done.  They both kept insisting that they wanted to have sex with each other for the film.  Kristen explained to them that distributors, laws, etc. would not permit him to film and distribute footage involving incest.  They could not understand this and explained that they are “real life lovers” and Kristen Bjorn films offer other films with real life lovers."

After a bit of instructions of anatomy and logistics, they were successfully able to perform the double penetration, as you can see in the photos. The join venture between the two studios will be a film called Sex City.


Kristen Bjorn with Peters Twins Bel Ami

Kristen Bjorn with Peters Twins Bel Ami


Co-Production of Kristen Bjorn and Bel Ami Annouced

Kristen Bjorn and Bel Ami

Kristen Bjorn and Bel Ami

Kristen Bjorn and Bel Ami

I feel a bit like Hedda Hopper or Rona Barrett, but I just got a call from a studio exec that gave me a real "scoop"! Yes, just like the old Hollywood studio system, it seems Bel Ami has agreed to "loan out" a couple of their models to appear in a Kristen Bjorn production. And Lavender Lounge is the first media source to get a sneak peek at the shots!

Stop the presses - we've got a big scoop!

Calvin Mullins, of Kristen Bjorn sent me this note along with the photos,

Here are the photos that we just discussed about the new Kristen Bjorn/Bel Ami film.  The first video clip will be available on our site this weekend starring Dolph Lambert, Dario Dolce.  There is other big news with this venture that I will leak to you soon.

It may sound silly for me to get excited over a scoop, but every time I think I have some breaking news, my colleague JC Adams at Gay Porn Times beats me to it simply because he types faster! -


Bel Ami Muscle Boys Ennio and Vadim



Beautiful, muscular Vadim Farrell is paired here with fellow muscle and fitness enthusiast Ennio Guardi from our upcoming "Too Big to Fail" project. The 2 were a perfect physical match and the chemistry was quite amazing. The boys begin with a bit of flexing, then some hot cocksucking when Ennio goes to work on Vadims sweet muscle ass. Soon Ennio's big uncut cock is giving Vadim an afternoon to remember. The hottest boys in the world, plus daily content updates exclusively from!


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Darryl and Manuel First Suck


Darryl Jacoby is new at BelAmiOnline and today's scene will be his first oral scene. With that in mind, we paired him with BelAmi superstar Manuel Rios. The boys start of slowly but soon Manuel is giving Darryl's huge uncut cock a good sucking. Next Darryl gets the chance to work on Manuel's big thick piece of meat until they both shoot big loads of cum! Hot boys, big cocks, and daily content updates exclusively from!

Manuel Rios BelAmi

Manuel Rios BelAmi

Manuel Rios BelAmi

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BelAmi Muscle Boy Kris Evans


Few studs draw as much attention as BelAmi superstar Kris Evans, he simply has it all. It's always a pleasure to feature Kris as our Pin-Up stud for the week because the fans simply cannot get enough. Big muscle body, amazing smile, and big thick uncut cock are just a few of his amazing features. See Kris exclusively from BelAmiOnline - hot boys, big cocks and daily content updates!

BelAmi Muscle Boy Kris Evans

BelAmi Muscle Boy Kris Evans

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Dolph and Julien – Summer Fuck


This sweet-and-sexy duo anchored by Dolph and Julien runs just under seventeen minutes when you see the full version at Bel Ami's website. The young studs kiss and trade slurpy blowjobs before blond, muscular Dolph fucks the slender, smooth Julien in two positions, building to a pair of sticky cumshots. Good meat-and-potatoes sex! Hot boys, big cocks and daily content updates exclusively from!

Bel Ami gay porn

Bel Ami gay porn

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Peters Twins 4 Way – Bel Ami


The Peters Twins return to action in a hot 4-way with Erik Bouna & Julien Hussey. Today's episode brings together some of our hottest, horniest boys with the world famous Peters Twins. Don't miss a moment of the action at - hot boys, big cocks and daily content updates!


Peters Twins Bel Ami

Peters Twins Bel Ami

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Peters Twins Home Video – Incest Is Best!


I've always had a little fascination for the possibility of seeing a cute set of twins in porn. Over the years, several sets of twins (and a set of triplets!) have come and gone, but except for some very old vintage movies, none of the newer ones actually touch each other. I know, I know EEEEUUUOOO, that's gross!


There's even been some "fake" brothers that have had sex on video. Generally, the twins or brothers will just be in a scene with other guys or they might jerk off together somewhere within vicinity of each other in the same room.


Along comes the Peters Twins, a discovery of Bel Ami out in Eastern Europe. Not only are these two boys Bel Ami material, but they really do have sex with each other. But best of all, they are not faking it! They really enjoy fucking and sucking each other! And listening to these Eastern European guys fooling around, they are "two wild and crazy guys"!


I'm sure in some parts of this country, incest is illegal, especially man on man incest. But thanks to the internet, you can satisfy your perverted, disgusting prurient interest by watching the Peters Twins fuck each other on your own filthy, decadent, disease-carrying computer. 




Mangiatti Twins

Frat Men Twins Jesse and Joshua

Frat Men Double Twins

Brazilian Twins

Viconti Triplets

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Summary of GayVN Nominated Movies 2009

To The Last ManI just finished casting my votes for the GayVN Awards for 2009! Whew! What a job that was! As always, I had to go through a marathon of viewing movies at the last minute. Thank goodness I've been watching them throughout the year so I was a somewhat prepared.

As an over-all observation of the gay porn industry, I am once again impressed by the quality of films made this year. Though it gets tedious sometimes, every once in a while, I get blown away by a set design, a lighting technique, a special effect, or a breath taking location. Rarely do I see a sex position I've never seen before, but when I do, it may either challenge me or not, but I always welcome innovation. Each year the cameras and the computers get better, and the guys running them get more proficient.  

I am going to give you a quick rundown of some of the movies I just watched over the last few days while they are still fresh in my mind.

To The Last Man by Raging Stallion will probably make an enormous sweep of the awards this year. It's the biggest epic undertaking of the year, and though not perfect, it deserves acclaim just for taking such big chances.

Titan's Funhouse picks up the carney /circus theme they've done once a year for the past few years incorporating real gymnasts and circus performers in their contortion-like sex positions. Francois Sagat appears in both Funhouse and Breakers as an oddball character that keeps showing up at odd times. Breakers is another coming-out-of-retirement project by Bruce Cam who has had more retirement parties than Cher. If you liked Bruce Cam's earlier outdoor epics, you'll like this one, too. It's got the same campfire scene in every one.

The Best Sex Comedy category was pretty sparse this year, but that one is always tough. Jet Set Men 's Jock Tease had a genuinely funny montage at the end, but the dialogue throughout the rest of the movie was just butch sounding jock posturing. Not so funny for guys that intimidated by that shit. Straight boy Aaron James seemed to enjoy his role as the sluttiest jock willing to fuck anyone anyhow, while the other gay actors tried to act like they weren't. Irony, darling, irony.

To The Last ManSex Hiker from upstart company Black Scorpion was big surprise. They appear intent on out-classing their competitors to put out a super premium product. Starting with hiring a South American runway model, D.O. (pronounced Dee-oh), and mr. Pam, they spent a shit load of money not only on production, but the packaging to mimic a fashion magazine shoot. 

Foreign films are always a treat because they often incorporate exotic locales. Both AMG Brasil's Rio and Lucas Kazan's Italians and Other Strangers impressed me with the b-roll footage of gorgeous scenery and showed some genuine effort in the production. Lucas Kazan can always be counted on to provide a beautiful tableau that is out of this world.

As another diversion, I got to see a lot of twink movies, and Brent Corrigan seems to have that category wrapped up - but how the hell is he going to transition to bear movies when he turns 30?

This year for the first time, the GayVN Awards have several categories honoring websites. Randy Blue has such a stable of incredible models, but has never put out any DVDs. It would be interesting to see how a feature-length Randy Blue movie on DVD would stack up against other movie studios. Hmm.

And finally, in the fetish / leather / kink categories, Hot House has really learned to mix beauty with pain to consistently put out outstanding products that are challenging and creative. But for raw, niche-specific, know-your-audience fetish material, I was impressed by Lucas Entertainment's Piss! I usually get quite queasy watching piss scenes, but this simple, straight forward look at the fetish was somehow engaging even to me. The piss scenes outdoors and in bath tubs I could understand, but when they were peeing indoors on the floor and leather furniture, I kept thinking about how to get rid of that smell! (I guess Michael Lucas is rich enough to just throw away furniture and move out!)

That's my summary of the best gay porn movies from 2008, and though I didn't give you all heaps of praise in this one blog entry, perhaps it will all pay off when you pick up your trophies! Congratulations everyone, and keep up the good work!  



GayVN Awards Show and Related Parties

There is so much going on over the weekend of the GayVN Awards, I had to stop by the Naked Sword offices today just to have them help me sort it all out. Here's the scoop: Besides the big awards show and afterparty on Saturday, various gay porn studios will be holding their own parties on Friday the 27th, and they're pretty much all right around the block in the Castro. I've lived here for nearly 30 years, and I've never seen this many scheduled events all at one time outside of the usual big gay holidays!

This year, Lavender Lounge will be bringing you extra special coverage of all the gay porn events. I hired two local paparazzi photographers to help me get good coverage of the awards show, and I will be covering the Friday night events extensively myself. The photos will all be available in the Lavender Lounge VIP Room in the Paparazzi Pics section. You have to be a VIP Member to view them, but it's worth joining!

Oh, and YES, all three of the Visconti Triplets will be there!

GayVN gay pornstar awards

Kickoff Party with Direct to Join Models and DJ Juanita MORE! (6PM)

@ Qbar
456 Castro Street

Hot House Party @ The Lookout (9PM)
  Market St at Noe

Titan Media Party
@ Harvey's (9PM)
500 Castro Street at 18th

Raging Stallion Party @ The Edge
4149 18th Street

Bel Ami Party
@ 440 Castro

Barrett Long's Cockstar Party
@ Moby Dick
4049 18th Street

Jet Set Men @ The Mix
4086 18th Street

Dirty Boy Video Party
@ Twin Peaks Tavern
Castro & Market St.

Elite Male Party feat. The Visconti Triplets
@ Lime (10PM)
2247 Market Street and The Porn Team
  @ The Midnight Sun
4067 18th Street

Special Promotions
Steve Cruz Rolls in Style at Sui Generis Boutique-6PM - 10PM – 2265 Market Street
Barrett Long dildo signings at Auto Erotica – 4077 18th Street
To the Last Man DVD signings at Does Your Mother Know? – 4141 18th Street

The Tim & Roma Porn Star Brunch
Saturday, March 28th, 11AM

The Lookout
3600 16th Street (Market St at Noe)

Come have Bloody Marys with the Phil Donahue and Oprah of gay porn, Tim Valenti and Sister Roma and take part in a taping of The Tim & Roma Show. Guests will be treated Bottomless Mimosa’s and Brunch while mingling with the Hottest Porn Star Nominees before the 2009 GayVN Awards. Come eat, flirt, and have fun while raising money for one of the best causes in San Francisco, The Stop AIDS project. Get your tickets now!!!!

The Main Event - The 2009 GayVN Awards
Saturday, March 28th, 7PM
Hosted by Margaret Cho, Janice Dickinson, with special guest Alec Mapa
The Castro Theatre
429 Castro Street

Tickets at

SHAMELESS - the official afterparty presented by NakedSword
Saturday, March 28th, 10PM
The Official Afterparty to the GayVN Awards
featuring Thunderheist and DJs Jamie J Sanchez and Sammy Jo
Saturday, March 28 at 10PM
181 Eddy Street
San Francisco

$20 advance, $25 at the door
Advance afterparty tickets available ONLINE HERE and at BODY at 450 Castro Street in San Francisco.


15th Annual Hard Choice Awards

Hard Choice AwardsIn 1994, award-winning film reviewer Onan the Vulgarian decided to inaugurate his own gay porn awards, based on the films he reviewed over the course of the calendar year. He called them the Hard Choice Awards.

As Onan wrote then and has written every year since, "It’s that time of year when everyone with something to say puts it in a list. Here’s my list. No fanfare, no shindig, no porn stars, no statuettes. No lifetime achievement awards, no drag queens, no envelopes, no acceptance speeches. Just the year’s best in all-male porno. Guaranteed to keep you

This year marks Onan's 20th anniversary reviewing gay porn. Sometime in 2009 he will write his 5,000th review. And the Hard Choice Awards turn 15. Although they may not get the attention of other porn awards, the Hard Choice Awards are the second-oldest continuously running gay porn awards. Other publications and organizations have their own awards, but unlike those others, the Hard Choice Awards are determined by a single
person who has actually watched every film submitted for review.

The winners are chosen in conjunction with reviewer Harley Shadow. All gay adult films released in 2008 and reviewed in XX-Factor were eligible for consideration.

Onan says, "The Hard Choice Awards are equal opportunity. Whether domestic or foreign, major studio or little guy, if a film deserves merit, it will get noticed. When I watch a film, I listen to the dialog and the music. I pay attention to the lighting, continuity, editing and
camerawork. I try to figure out what the director is trying to achieve and how well (s)he achieved it. If something floors me, I may create an award category for it on the spot — even if I never use that category again."

Performer of the Year
Logan McCree
Runners-up: Dean Flynn, Tommy Lima, Erik Rhodes, Max Schutler

Best Film - USA
To the Last Man, Raging Stallion Studios
Runners-up: Ass Cruisin', Jet Set; Folsom Prison, Titan Media; Return to Fire Island, Lucas Entertainment; Winter Heat, Falcon Studios

Best Director — USA
Chris Ward, Ben Leon and Tony Dimarco, To the Last Man, Raging Stallion Studios
Hon. Mention: Chris Steele, Ass Cruisin', Jet Set; Brian Mills, Folsom Prison, Titan Media; Joe Gage, Home Invasion, Titan Media; John Bruno, Winter Heat, Falcon Studios



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My First Christmas Gift – From Male Flixxx

gay porn

I just received my very first Christmas gift (bribe) of the year! It's a box of Godiva chocolate from the guys at Male Flixxx.

During this time of giving, I'm going to give a plug to my site, Lavender Lounge Movies, which is powered by Male Flixxx. Today's featured movies to view online are a fabulous collection from Titan, Hot House, Bel Ami, Rascal Video, Michael Lucas, and Kristen Bjorn. I'd say that's a pretty damn good selection of the top studios! (Check back often, they change every day!)